Midland mdm systems gap analysis project

The Midland Cancer Network supports DHBs to implement improvements to cancer multidisciplinary meetings (MDMs).

The Midland MDM Systems and Gap Analysis Project has a funding contribution from the Ministry of Health.  This initiative supports the national Cancer Health Information Strategy work programme.  The purpose is to understand and evaluate the gap between the current and future state as outlined in the National MDMs Future State Data Standards V1 and National MDMs Future State Business Requirements and Processes V1.

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Cancer MDMs are a deliberate, regular, face-to-face (or videoconference) meeting to facilitate prospective multidisciplinary discussion of options for patients' treatment and care. Prospective treatment and care planning refers to making recommendations in real time, with an initial focus on the patient's primary treatment. These recommendations can only be as good as the information available to the range of specialists (surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists etc.) at each meeting. The final decision on the treatment is made by the patient in discussion with their lead clinician.

Improving cancer multidisciplinary meetings is a national and regional priority contributing to the achievement of faster cancer treatment wait times. Link to an overview of the national work programme on the Ministry of Health website


National guidance document