Midland Cancer Network Routes to Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment project 2015-18

Purpose: To support the Midland DHBs work towards achievement of the FCT Health Target by supporting improvements to the cancer pathways and facilitating service improvements to:

  • achieve the FCT Health Target and achieve the Ministry defined 62 day cohort of 15-25% of new cancer registration
  • implement/comply with the national tumour standards
  • improve equity along the cancer pathways

Timeframe: 1 October 2015 - 30 June 2018


  1. understand the routes to diagnosis, diagnostics and treatment for each tumour stream for each Midland DHB
  2. work with Midland hospices to obtain referral information for cancer patients who have palliative care as first treatment
  3. undertake regional audit of 31 and 62 day breaches
  4. model and understand tumour stream demand on diagnostics
  5. model and understand GP referral to first specialist assessment demand and clinic capacity
  6. facilitate regional coordination and dissemination of the Midland DHB FCT work programme initiatives and shared learning opportunities.

Midland DHBs work towards achievement Project Sponsor: Midland Cancer Network Executive