MCN / Waikato faster access to cancer services with a staged approach to tumour streams and treatment project 2015-2018

The purpose of this project is to:

·         improve achievement against the 62-day FCT health target of 85% by July 2016, 90% by June 2017 and achieve the Ministry defined 62 day cohort of 15-25% of new cancer registrations

·         implement/comply with the national tumour standards of service provision

·         improve equity along the cancer pathways.


The project objectives are:

1.     implement initiatives to increase 62 day patient cohort and level of achievement against the 62 day health target

2.     implement tumour stream review recommendations for lung, colorectal, breast, sarcoma, lymphoma, melanoma and myeloma

3.     develop/update Map of Medicine pathway tools

4.     map referral pathways to chemotherapy and radiation therapy as first treatment and implement solutions to improve timeliness

5.     implement regional recommendations from the Midland Cancer Network Round 2 Routes to Cancer Diagnosis and treatment project

6.     a health equity framework assessment of reviewed services will be completed.


Timeframe: 1 October 2015- 30 June 2018

Project Sponsor: Brett Paradine, Executive Director, Waikato Hospital

Clinical Lead: Dr Matthew Seel, Clinical Unit Leader, Waikato Regional Cancer Centre

Programme Lead: Jan Smith, Manager, Midland Cancer Network

Project Manager: Margie Hamilton, Midland Cancer Network

Shona Haggart, FCT Business Manager, Waikato Hospital