MCN and Lakes DHB Faster Cancer Treatment Project 2015-2018 

Purpose: To support Lakes DHBs achievement of the FCT Health Target by supporting improvements to the cancer pathways and facilitating service improvements to:

·         achieve the FCT Health Target and achieve the Ministry defined 62 day cohort of 15-25% of new cancer registrations

·         implement/comply with the national tumour standards

·         improve equity along the cancer pathways.


Timeframe: 1 October 2015 – 30 June 2018.

The project objectives for 2015-2016 are to:

1.         map the tumour specific pathways and identify opportunities and implement improvements

2.         work in partnership with the Midland FCT Routes to Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Project to identify routes and timeliness to diagnosis, diagnostics and to treatment by tumour stream

3.         identify demand and capacity GP referral to first specialist appointment by service by tumour stream

4.         identify and understand demand and capacity to radiology by tumour stream, and identify access levels to radiology

5.         adopt a patient co-design when implementing service improvements

6.         align with the new national tumour HSCAN definitions with Lakes DHB triage clinicians

7.         implement and monitor the planned service changes with private providers for breast and urology to ensure all FCT data is captured


Project Sponsor: Nick Saville-Wood, Acting Chief Operating Officer Lakes DHB

Clinical Lead: Dr Denise Aitken, Clinical Director Innovation and Quality Lakes DHB

Project Lead: Jan Smith, Manager Midland Cancer Network

Project Manager: Lydia Rickard, Midland Cancer Network


The project reports to the Lakes FCT Work Group and the MCN Executive Group.