National Lung Cancer Work Programme 2015/16 - 2016/17

The Ministry of Health has contracted the Midland Cancer Network to provide secretariat and project management support for the National Lung Cancer Working Group.

National Lung Cancer Working Group Clinical Chair: John Childs

Secretariat / Project Support: Jan Smith and Lydia Rickard, Midland Cancer Network

The National Lung Cancer Work Programme is to:

·         develop a national High Suspicion of Lung Cancer Definition

·         develop a national guidance and an implementation plan for early detection of lung cancer

·         review and update the national lung cancer dataset (provisional)

·         develop national lung cancer follow-up and surveillance guidance.



National Lung Cancer Working Group Terms of Reference

Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Toolkit - September 2015

Atlas of Variation

Faster Cancer Treatment High Suspicion of Cancer Definitions - April 2016

Standards of Service Provision for Lung Cancer Patients in New Zealand