Radiation Oncology Project 2014/15

In June 2012 Bay od Plenty (BOP DHB) confirmed with Waikato DHB that planning was proceeding with establishment of a local adult radiation oncology service. The new purpose built facility on the Tauranga hospital campus would include two linacs and a third bunker to meet current and future BOP DHB population radiation oncology requirements.

BOP DHB contracted with a private provider, Kathleen Kilgour Centre (KKC) to provide radiation oncology services.

Midland Radiation Oncology Transition Project (Project) brief was endorsed by executive leads 21 August 2013.

The project time frame was subsequently extended from 1 July 2013 to 1 October 2014.

The project purpose was to develop a Midland comprehensive and integrated radiation oncology model of service - one regional service; two providers - with:

  • establishment of a new provider, KKC providing services for BOP DHB population; and
  • Waikato Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) providing services for Lakes, Tairawhiti, Waikato and tertiary level radiation oncology services.

The project objectives were to:

  1. define the scope and parameters of the new BOP DHB radiation oncology service
  2. manage the patient transition of BOP DHB services provided by Waikato RCC to KKC effectively and safely by 1 October 2014
  3. define the tumour specific patient pathways
  4. define the supporting services and relevant systems and processes
  5. establish a regional governance structure
  6. manage the changes related to the community accommodation and supporting services (Waikato DHB holds the lead contract with Waikato/BOP Cancer Society and relevant Midland DHBs)
  7. undertake a post-implementation review evaluation March to June 2015.

The project executive sponsors nominated the Project Core Implementation Sub-Group was formed to manage the operational detail regarding the patient transition between services.