Implementation of Medical Oncology and Haematology Chemotherapy Reporting Indicators PP5

In June 2011 the MoH advised that waiting times for haematology chemotherapy reporting would also be included in this indicator.

Advice from the Ministry of Health

Midland Cancer Network had previously facilitated changes to prepare for medical oncology chemotherapy reporting from 2011/12.
In Midland not all data related to the haematology chemotherapy pathway is collected in the same way as for medical oncology. 

This project will include:

  • an assessment of requirements to future proof the Regional Cancer Centre databases used for indicator reporting and the chemotherapy booking system.  Depending on the findings, upgrades may need to be undertaken and a review of the alignment of the systems with Lakes DHB and Bay of Plenty DHB systems may also need to be undertaken
  • a review of other current databases and systems used to capture haematology indicator data within the region
  • making necessary modifications to the Aesculapius chemotherapy prescribing database to enable the capture of haematology indicator data
  • establishing a data capture system for haematology reporting and implementing the necessary change management process to implement this system.

Further information about the indicators: