Regional Cancer Networks Evaluation Report

Cancer Control New Zealand is pleased to provide you with a copy of the evaluation of Regional Cancer Networks report.

They have provided the report to the Minister of Health who has approved it, and agreed to the first four recommendations Cancer Control New Zealand has made to him.  Specifically that the Minister:

1.    Notes the findings of the evaluation, and that the majority of stakeholders and clinicians believe the regional cancer networks are already returning value to the sector and that this value will increase over time.

2.    Agrees for CCNZ to circulate the evaluation report to all DHB CEOs, the four regional cancer networks, and stakeholder collaborative groups, encouraging them to review the report, and to address those matters relevant to them.

3.    Agrees for CCNZ to commission an in-depth evaluation of the lung cancer tumour stream project in order to determine the impact and effectiveness of regional cancer networks in addressing high needs populations, to be completed within 18 months.

4.    Agrees that the Ministry should work alongside the regional cancer networks to ensure inclusion and integration with primary care and secondary/tertiary services in a whole of systems approach to cancer services. 

Their evaluation included interviews with clinical directors, network managers and key stakeholders across the country and found an encouraging sense of optimism at the work being initiated and undertaken by the networks.

This link will take you to the report.