Healthy Action

Did You Know?

  • Any increase in activity is good for your health and will make you feel better.
  • Being physically active can significantly lower the risk of developing serious health-related problems including many types of cancer.
  • Each pound of muscle (1 pound = 0.45 kilograms) burns 75-100 calories every day simply by existing.
  • Set goals you can reach. If you expect too much, you are likely to become discouraged and stop exercising.
  • It helps promote weight loss and maintenance of ideal body weight.
  • Physical activity helps decrease cardiovascular risk by making your heart pump efficiently. It improves circulation, muscular tone and helps reduces stress
  • Physical activity boosts your immune system. Regular, moderate activity benefits the immune system.

What Can You Do?

  • Make physical activity a regular part of your daily life to reduce or control your risk factors for cancer.
  • Try to achieve at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day - moderate exercise can be anything that leaves you feeling slightly out of breath. Even activities such as gardening or cleaning the house can count.

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