Alcohol is one of the most commonly used drugs in New Zealand

Did You Know?

  • Alcohol can increase the risk of mouth and oesophageal cancers, breast cancer in women and bowel cancer in men.
  • The World Cancer Research Fund recommends two drinks a day for men and one a day for women to control risk factors for cancer and that children and pregnant women should not consume alcoholic drinks.
  • Drinking problems and dependence on alcohol affect people's lives and the lives of those around them.
  • 125,000 teenagers under the age of 17 fall into the category of binge drinkers. 75,000 will drink regularly - once every two weeks - and binge.
  • In New Zealand we estimate that alcohol harm costs somewhere between $1 billion and $4 billion a year. It costs $240 million in crime and related costs. 
  • Negative consequences include hospital admissions, deaths, road accidents and assaults.
  • 3.9% of all deaths in New Zealand in 2000 were alcohol-related.(approximately 1040 deaths)

What Can You Do?

  • Have one or two alcohol free days per week
  • Always eat before and while you are drinking
  • Alternate alcohol and non alcoholic drinks
  • Monitor your alcohol intake

If you would like to cut down your alcohol consumption

  • Work out a personal limit per day, per week or per occasion - and stick to it. 
  • Tell your friends that you are cutting down. 
  • Do more activities that don't involve drinking. 
  • Ring the Alcohol Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797 for free, confidential advice and resources to help you cut down.

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