Midland Palliative Care

The Midland Specialist Adult Palliative Care Service Development Plan 2015-2018 (Link) outlines the areas for service improvement and actions that the Midland Palliative Care Work Group (link) will focus on.


The 2015 initiatives are:


Develop a Midland palliative care advanced medical trainee model of service


Support Hospice Waikato to gain accreditation for advanced medical trainee rotations


Midland implement the PCNZ Last days of Life Care Project recommendations

Last Days of Life Care Plan - Community

Last Days of Life Care Plan - Hospice

Last Days of Life Care Plan - Hospital Care

Last Days of Life Care Plan - Residential Care

Midland adult specialist palliative care referral criteria - completed (Link)


Ensure FCT (do link to FCT health target/wait time indicator) data collection where palliative care is first treatment


Implementation of Specialist Palliative Care Service tier level two service specification (October 2014) http://www.nsfl.health.govt.nz


Implementation of the national Resource and Capability Framework for Integrated Adult Palliative Care Services in New Zealand http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/resource-and-capability-framework-integrated-adult-palliative-care-services-new-zealand


Lakes paediatric palliative care model of service project

This project that aligns with the national Guidance for Integrated Paediatric Palliative Care Services in New Zealand http://www.health.govt.nz/publication/guidance-integrated-paediatric-palliative-care-services-new-zealand


 Last Days of Life (LDL) - Goal definitions and data directory (Link)



24/7 telephone advice and support for generalists (medical and nursing)
The Midland Cancer Network area has 24/7 specialist palliative care medical and nursing telephone advice and support.  This includes:


Daytime Monday to Friday: For specialist medical and nursing support phone Health Waikato Palliative Care Service 07 839 8691.

After hours medical advice: phone Waikato Hospital 07 839 8899 and ask for the palliative care specialist on call.
After hours specialist nursing advice: phone Hospice Waikato 07 859 1260.


Daytime:   Taupo Hospice 07 377 4252
                 Rotorua Hospice 07 347 0324

24/7: Health Waikato Palliative Care Service - 07 839 8691 and ask for the palliative care specialist on duty or on call.

Bay of Plenty

Hospice Eastern Bay of Plenty 07 307 2244
Waipuna Hospice 07 552 4380

The Health Waikato specialist palliative care medical team provides 24/7 specialist medical telephone advice service for Waikato and Lakes districts.