Midland Lung Cancer Work Group

The purpose of the Midland Lung Cancer Work Group is to take a proactive and quality improvement approach to reduce the inequalities, incidence and impact of lung cancer across the cancer continuum for Midland. 

In 2015-2016, the group has supported the following initiatives:

  • Review and update of Midland Small Lung Cancer Treatment Guideline
  • Review and update of Midland Non-small cell Lung Cancer Treatment Guideline
  • A Midland ‘Guide to Help you understand your Cancer Treatment’ booklet (in progress)
  • Early detection of lung cancer initiative – Midland region (in progress)
  • Development and regular reporting of Midland Lung Cancer Key Performance Indicators
  • Maintenance of the Midland Lung cancer database
  • Establishment of Bay of Plenty DHB Chest Conference Multidisciplinary Meeting
  • Regional FCT Service improvements for lung cancer patients



Terms of reference (Draft)

Midland Lung Cancer Guidelines (Awaiting approval)

Midland Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment Guideline - November 2014

Midland Non-Small cell Lung Cancer Guidelines