Consumer and Carer Participation

The active involvement of key stakeholders, consumers, carers and communities is a fundamental principle of the midland cancer programme.

Consumers are people who have had personal experience of cancer and cancer services.

Carers are family and friends who have provided support and/or unpaid care to a person with cancer.

Participation occurs when consumers, carers and community members are meaningfully involved in decision making about cancer control planning and service improvement, and the wellbeing of themselves and the community.

Representatives are nominated consumer, carer or community members who are nominated by and accountable to an organisation of consumers, carers or community members.

Our consumer and carer participation strategies include:

  • Midland Cancer Consumer and Carer Work Group
  • Consumer and/or carer representative on the Midland Cancer Network Executive Group 
  • Consumer and carers participation in regional initiatives

If you are interested in contributing from a consumer or carer perspective please contact Midland Cancer Network by phone 07 859 9154 or email:

More Information: