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Using this website without a mouse

Keyboard shortcuts can take you to commonly used pages on this website.

Hold down the [Alt]+key (PC), [Alt]+[Shift]+key (Fire Fox) or the [Control]+key (Mac), and then the relevant key from the list below. In some browsers you may have to press [Enter] as well.

  • 0 = Accessibility information for this website (this page)
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  • 9 = Contact us
  • / = Go to

Changing the text size

If your browser supports text resizing, you can change the size of the text to suit your preference.

For example, if you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer, go to the View menu at the top of your screen and select Text Size.

If you are using a PC with Firefox or Internet Explorer and have a wheel mouse, you can also hold the [Ctrl] key and scroll the wheel to increase or decrease the text size.

Printing web pages

Pages on this website are optimised for printing and will not contain navigation.

To view and print PDF files on this website you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download this (free) from