Current Projects

The Midland Cancer Network Strategy Plan outlines the focus for the next five years.  The Annual Work Plan outlines the strategic regional priorities to be implemented and aligns with the National Cancer Control Programme priorities.

2016-17  Key Achievements include:
  • The development and launch of the second Midland Cancer Strategy Plan 2015-2020 at a two day Midland Cancer Conference event.
  • The review of DHBs against the national sarcoma and lymphoma standards of service provision.
  • Development of the Waikato Palliative Care Strategic Plan 2016-2021
  • Development of the national high suspicion of lung cancer definition; establishment of a sub work group to develop national early detection of lung cancer guidance; and finalisation of the Lung Cancer Standards of Service Provision in New Zealand
  • Commencement of six FCT round 2 service improvement projects
  • Implementation of an additional medical palliative care registrar
  • Commencement of a new Midland cancer psychology and social work service
  • In partnership with NCN the formation of the supra-regional gynae-oncology work group
  • Agreement to transfer Midland Cancer Network 2016-2019 base contract provider to HealthShare Ltd.