Welcome to Midland CANCER NETWORK

Cancer touches most people and their family/whanau at some time in their lives, whether this is through diagnosis and treatment or caring for someone with cancer. 

The Midland Cancer Network has a leadership, facilitation and co-ordination role in bringing together and working with stakeholders across the organisational and service boundaries to implement the Midland Cancer Strategy Plan 2015-2020.

The Midland Cancer Strategy plan provides a clear vision and roadmap for the way the region will work together to develop and deliver cancer services. The regional plan aligns with the New Zealand Cancer Plan Better, Faster Cancer Care 2015-2018

Working together to achieve better, faster cancer care aims to:

  • Reduce the cancer incidence through effective prevention, screening and early detection initiatives
  • Reduce the impact of cancer through equitable access to best practice care
  • Reduce inequalities with respect to cancer      
  • Improve the experience and outcomes for people with cancer

Our Network

  • Network 1
  • Waikato DHB
  • Network 3
  • Network 4
  • Network 5
  • Network 6